ÖZÜLKE İnşaat Ticaret Anonim Şirketi was founded in Istanbul in the year of 2004. It made a modest beginning to its activities by providing construction, commitment, project and consultancy services. It saw the analytic logic of the modern architecture among its habits without compromising from regional approaches and its service practices, by using innovative architectural material improving by giving special consideration to nature-environment dilemma by solving with ever staying young designs in its project designing and consultancy works.

It created projects that planned comfort in work-life axis, making life easier to present modern approach in urbanism intellection.

During its works, besides the medium and long term foresights its paying attention to the principle that nature is the most important vlue the next generations lent us, placing importance on the qualities in its ongoing construction projects, creating planned and flexible solutions in all fields have made it to become reputable and reliable.

ÖZÜLKE, solved analyzing by improving its institutional structure with reference to the requirement to make room for itself in the construction sector which is the driving force of the national economies.

ÖZÜLKE İnşaat Ticaret Anonim Şirketi constructed houses, recreation- social reinforcement areas and general landscape designs, road-bridge arrangements, infrastructure, laboratories suitable for today’s modernization, schools consisting of sport and cultural facilities, religious facilities which can be a reference to essential principles countrywide.

We wanted to contribute to the pride of exerting efforts in the improvement of the national economies and in the centre of sustainable development efforts with the projects that we have mentioned just a part of above and to carry our century forever onward .

ÖZÜLKE İnşaat Ticaret Anonim Şirketi will keep this theme prioritized in the triangle of project designing/ development/ application and will continue to succeed.