MAKSEM was founded in Istanbul in 1992. It made a modest beginning starting its activities by project and consultancy services. Maksem saw the analytic logic of the modern architecture among its habits without compromising from regional approaches and its service practices, by using advanced innovative architectural material by giving special consideration to nature-environment dilemma by solving with ever staying young designs in its project designing and consultancy works.

MAKSEM’s presenting a modern and yet so artistic approach in the consultancy and project production has caused it to be sought for. Therefore it has developed specific solution partner principles by combining its entrepreneurial spirit with its gained experience accumulation and expanded its portfolio and by changing type became a Incorporated Company during this time.

Besides medium and long termed foresight during the course of its works It’s delivering planned and flexible solutions that emphasize the qualities and with this intention adapting the principle of increasing the standard of building in order to make life more comfortable rather than considering the construction consisting only of concrete, iron and cement has made Maksem to become respected and trustworthy.

MAKSEM, solved analyzing in institutional integrity with reference to the requirement to make room for itself in the construction sector which is the driving force of the national economies.

By expanding the knowledge and the execution experience gained during the ongoing process fast MAKSEM is continuing to maintain its success in modern practices which meets the technical standards and the needs of the time of project designing, execution and turnkey works such as; Mass Housing, Qualified Housing, Hotel, Business Centers, Infrastructure, Military Facilities, Construction of Modern Healthcare Organization and Education Institutions, Places of Worship, Electrical Switching Site, Social Reinforcement Sites.

By planning today’s advanced requirements and taking as a principle to work according to international quality standards that meet the expectations in both local and overseas contracting services MAKSEM took as a principle to be consistent in improving human oriented service quality continuously, to be honest and reliable and to improve without compromising from technical standards while providing solutions sensitive to environmental issues.

“Humans are the centre of the sustainable development efforts. It’s their rights to have a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. With reference to United Nations Environment and Development Conference, PRINCIPLE 1, Rio de Janerio 1992” MAKSEM is aware of every manufacturing, human and environment factors and forms its manufactures according to this factor, consciousness and target in all its construction works. MAKSEM will prioritize this theme in the project design-development-execution triangle and will continue to succeed.