Maksem Yapı is on a successful increase in all the projects it signed and has gained continuity towards it growth target form the first day it’s founded.

Maksem Yapı is moving towards its target successfully and consistently while working unselfishly to improve the values it created for the cities. It has been creating living spaces in all the projects it signed and in the cities with the social responsibility awareness that is one of the basis elements of its institutional structure.

Our Social Responsibility Principles

  1. To take precautions to protect the environment and the ecological structure and accordingly to provide education and to engage in activities encouraging the preservation of environment and human health and to prioritize environment factor.
  2. To minimize possible adverse effects to the social environment.
  3. To use our resources with the intent of national and international promotion of the values we have such as education, culture, art, tourism, sports to make contribution to the growth of our country in a world getting smaller while globalizing.